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The Comeback of Crystal Chandeliers

By :sohad Dalbani 0 comments
The Comeback of Crystal Chandeliers
“Crystals amplify the consciousness” – Shirley Maclaine

The future is all about making unique and unapologetic choices – especially when it comes to your home. The future of design is all about adding character, richness and a sense of other-worldliness to your home interior!

Lighting designers and experts are on their toes, reinventing and revamping lighting trends of the past to showcase something unique, creative and elegant for you to choose. And in this blog, we will discuss the most desired trend that is making a massive comeback - crystals!

Crystal Lights Deserve All The Hype

The rise in the popularity of crystal lighting as a trend is not sudden. However, this particular type of lighting has existed over decades in all types of lights, especially chandeliers.

Years and years ago, crystals are known to being the epitome of extravagance, rich, luxurious lighting; as it compliments any interior space from vintage or classical, to modern and minimal. The modern consumer is loving the new options for crystal chandeliers, since its re-design and new vision offers a more eloquent and beautiful touch, than the standard ancient chandelier. Moreover, the option to place LED bulbs instead of the standard filament lamp, makes it even more fascinating and captivating.

Now that crystals have become a core element in modern, mid-century and even rustic lights, it is safe to say that they’re making a comeback in style and it’s worth the splurge!

Nowadays, crystals come in all shapes, sizes and styles. Whether it is an extravagant piece of welcoming and nostalgic, traditional chandelier, or a more minimalistic, wholesome and sophisticated pendant light, you’ll find crystals right under the spotlight!

Top Trending Crystal Light Looks 

As mentioned earlier, crystals are an essential element of chandeliers. Whether you have a more old school preference or contemporary tastes, you will be able to find all kinds of chandeliers that are adorned with gorgeous, pristine and sparkling crystals that will definitely cater to your aesthetic needs.

Below, we would like to show you the two different types of crystal chandelier Viva LED has to offer. So, keep scrolling!

Luxurious Crystal Chandeliers:

Our luxury crystal chandeliers embody the traditional chandelier look and feel, however each one is eloquently designed to meet your needs. They vary in sizes, number of crystals, body material and shape design. These chandeliers can also be customized to meet the perfect size your space needs. These chandeliers can also be used in home spaces such as the living room, the hallway, the dining room, or for commercial spaces such as hotel lobbies, hotel rooms, or even extravagant restaurants.

crystal chandelier

*the crystal chandelier above comes in other various styles and sizes, click on the link to discover more:

Modern Crystal Chandeliers:

Without a doubt, our K9 crystal chandelier will add an elegant touch to any space it is in. This type of crystal chandelier is the perfect addition to any type of space, as it can be placed in living room, over a dining table, or even in a commercial space such as in a salon or a restaurant.

k9 led chandelier three tiers Miami Doral

*the K9 crystal chandelier above comes in other various styles and sizes, click on the link to discover more:

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