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7 Reasons To Upgrade to LED Lighting Fixtures

By :sohad Dalbani 0 comments
7 Reasons To Upgrade to LED Lighting Fixtures

LED’s that stand for light-emitting diodes are one of the most energy-efficient lighting technologies currently available to consumers. However, aside from saving a couple of $'s, LED also has so many other benefits which we will discuss below.


1. LED fixtures offer a variety of light colors 

LED bulbs and lighting fixtures can be found in different color temperatures, which gives the light appearance, this can vary from warm white (a slightly yellow hue), to white (which is a water color hue). All of our lighting fixtures come with the option to change from warm white to white light with just the click of a button. 


2. Safer Light Source Than Other Bulbs

Traditional incandescent bulbs generate heat and will get very hot, very quickly. This leaves an hands that touch it susceptible to being burned the moment they touch the light bulb. However, LED bulbs and lighting fixtures are never hot to the touch, which makes them not only safe for children, but also for adults or pets. 


3. You’re Less Likely to Break LED Light Fixtures

Other types of bulbs are also made of glass, making them vulnerable to breaking easily. The last thing you want is for glass to break around your child, especially when it’s hot. Moreover, breaking a CFL bulb inside your home can be worse, since they contain a small amount of mercury; therefore, special care must be followed to clean up a broken CFL bulb to prevent unsafe exposure to occupants within the immediate area.

However, LED bulbs and lighting fixtures are typically made of durable materials, so it takes much more strength to break one. Even if you accidentally drop it on a hard surface, it’s unlikely to shatter all over the place. 


4. LED Lighting Fixtures are the Eco-Friendly Option

If you are worried about the environment and your carbon footprint, LED lighting fixtures are the perfect choice for that. This is due to the fact that LED lighting use a fraction of the energy than the other light bulbs that are on the market, and they last significantly longer. Not only does this help you reduce your overall carbon footprint, but you end up spending less money on both electricity and replacement bulbs.

Moreover, LEDS are 100% recyclable and are easier to recycle with no toxic chemicals, making it much healthier for the user disposing of them.


5. LED Bulbs Do Not Cause UV Emissions

Another great benefit of LED lighting is that it does not emit any ultraviolet (UV) light and very little infrared light. You can use LED for items that are sensitive to heat or UV rays, such as priceless art. This is why this type of lighting is becoming commonplace inside art galleries and at archaeological dig sites across the globe.


6. Flexible Design Possibilities

The advantage of the different variety of LED light fixtures is that they come in so many design styles rather than just relying on the bulbs, as well.

LED lighting fixtures offer a wide variety of designs, shapes and sizes. Here at Viva LED we offer more than 50 different designs of lighting fixtures, as well as different shapes for recessed lights. Our lighting fixtures vary from crystal chandeliers, pendant lighting, flush mounted lighting, floor lighting, and wall lighting. Additionally, you can easily dim each fixture from the click of a button, allowing for total control over the amount of light to meet your desired mood. 


7. Light Fixtures Brighten Instantly

Among the benefits of LED lighting is the quick illumination time. Both incandescent and CFL light bulbs may take a few moments to reach their full brightness, but LED lights reach 100 percent brightness instantly. They are also great for rooms where the lights go on and off frequently.

The quick response doesn’t change over time, either. Switching other types of lightbulbs on and off, many times throughout a day, may greatly reduce its overall lifespan. The same frequent use with an LED bulb will have no negative effect to the overall performance or durability. A LED light fixture will light up to its full brightness and continue to last for many years, no matter how frequently it is turned on and off. 

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