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5 Tips to Choosing the Perfect Lighting Fixture for your Space

By :sohad Dalbani 0 comments
5 Tips to Choosing the Perfect Lighting Fixture for your Space

Lighting plays a major role in the atmosphere of any interior space, however with the addition of chandeliers you are also able to create a new dimension of style. It is not only functional with the light it radiates, but also chandeliers add a great ambience to any space, ranging from bedrooms and living rooms to restaurants and boutique shops.

With an infinite number of concepts emerging from interior designers, choosing the right chandelier can sometimes be overwhelming, especially when you are furnishing a space without the help of a professional. However, there is a number of key aspects that you should always keep in mind to help you choose the correct light pendant.

01. Measure Your Space
The most important aspect to keep in mind is to make sure that the ceiling fixture is large enough for your space, especially if it is a chandelier. If a small size chandelier is placed in a very large space, it will not provide the adequate amount of lighting needed.

02.  Consider the style of  lighting fixtures and if it has a function or not
Different types of lighting serve different functions.  For example, integral lighting on the ceiling provides an overall glow, and this is best to light up small details, such as the bedside table or the kitchen cabinet.. Whereas table and floor lamps illuminate corners or are even used to gather up intimate gatherings. However, ceiling and flush mounted lighting, light up the whole space, and they are seen as the main source of lighting. However, even when the lighting is functional, is should also create a mood, feeling, and emotional response, and not just placing it for a functional purpose. Moreover, all of our lighting fixtures are aesthetically pleasing, and create a beautiful focal point to the room. 

03. Incorporate a Variety of Levels of Lighting
When choosing a set of lighting fixtures for your room, it is very important to consider having different levels of lighting. This means to create the ideal lighting atmosphere, it is best to incorporate floor lamps, ceiling fixtures and indirect ambient lighting. These levels of lighting are important because it eliminates dark areas in the room, and the different levels create a cozy, warm feel as opposed to being harsh. 

04. Note the Multiple Roles A Room Serves
Many spaces within our homes have multiple functions, hence why dimmers are so useful. For example when you want to have a romantic dinner in the dining room, versus when you are having dinner with the kids, our lighting fixtures offer the flexibility to change the lighting color and dim it when needed according to the mood you want to set. 

05. Play to a room’s aesthetic 
There are two ways in which you can play to a room’s aesthetics. You can either select a type of lighting fixture that directly compliments the room design, or you can contrast it. For example if your room has neutral colors of beige and white, you can either add a white base and body lighting fixture that will compliment and match with the room, or you can add a black base and body lighting fixture that will stand out in the room. Both of these options create an aesthetically pleasing overall effect to the room. 

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