Our Abstract fourteen sheets LED Pendant Light chandelier will dazzle your eyes with its soft, gentle glow. Viva led miami , LIFE LED™

Abstract Fourteen Sheets LED Pendant Light Chandelier

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Our Abstract Fourteen sheets LED Pendant Light chandelier offers ambient lighting, that will add an elegant touch to any space. We enjoy placing this over a dining table, inside a living room, or in the opening of a house's stairway. 

Item Number: MNK-630 
Type: Pendant Light Chandeliers
Style: Modern / Contemporary
Body Color: Chrome
W 23.62" X H 98.50"
Sheet Size: H 11.62" W 7”
Cord Adjustable: Max 8 FT
Canopy: Round shape 23.62"
Light Information: 56 Watts
Dimmable by remote control (included)
Lumen: 8624
LED Color: 3000k to 6000k