Advantages of LED Lighting for Store

Retail establishments are waking up and understanding the many advantages their operations gain from switching from old incandescent or fluorescent to LED lighting solutions. An added advantage of LED retail lighting is better lighting for the entire retail environment.

LED is the acronym for Light Emitting Diode. The technology LED lighting uses is different from other lighting. Incandescent lighting has a filament that heats up and emits light. Most of the energy that goes to the lamp becomes heat and produces no light.

LED Savings Come From the Lack of Heat By-product

Since LED lighting generates no real heat, it is 75% more efficient than incandescent lighting. As the LED lamps run cool, they last 25 times longer than incandescent lighting and five times longer than compact fluorescent lighting.

Retail LED lighting has an 80% Return On Investment (ROI). The ROI comes from reduced energy expenses for lighting and air conditioning. LED lamps do not generate heat so during warm weather they give nothing to the load air conditioning systems have to deal with.

In fact, food retailers are moving to adopt LED technology in their freezer and refrigeration displays. LED lights stay cool,which cuts the cost of electricity for freezers and refrigerators. Switching to LED lighting can save a food store up to 60% of the cost of operating refrigerators and freezers.

Because the savings in electricity costs are so great, the payback time for making the switch from incandescent to LED lighting is 6-18 months. The variables that affect the payback include the cost of electricity and hours of use.

These two reasons; lower operating costs and lower maintenance costs, are enough to justify a retailer changing over to LED lighting. However, there is another reason – LED lighting produces better lighting for highlighting displays as well as improving the overall ambience of the retail site.

LED Lighting is an Effective Tool for Retail Design Strategies

Successful retailers use light as a key part of their business strategy. Great lighting sets the mood for shoppers. Items the store wants to sell shine when lit by LED lamps while display cases light up in ways that imprint a unique identity for the retailer in the mind of the customer. Retail LED lighting meets these needs.

Retail LED lighting is easily aimed – a terrific advantage for illuminating mannequins and display cases. The light quality of LED systems is exceptional.

While any retailer can take advantage of LED lighting, excellent retailers have moved to LED as a key selling strategy.